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The Siemens MAMMOMAT with PRIME Technology. PRIME is first software algorithm in the world that eliminates scatter radiation in digital mammography and cuts dose up to 30% without compromising image quality. It’s a significant breakthrough – for healthcare providers and women alike - in achieving the right dose.

  • Up to 30% less dose and uncompromised image quality – with PRIME Technology
  • Wide-Angle Breast Tomosynthesis – Now, breast cancer has no place to hide
  • Introducing wide-angle breast tomosynthesis.
  • 3D option to the mammography platform delivers:
  • The widest angle for image acquisition at 50 degrees
  • Image acquisition at every 2 degrees of the arc, for 25 total images
  • Great comfort
  • Improve diagnostic confidence with 6 – advanced solution for 2D and 3D mammography reading
  • Consistent image quality with fast review on the fully syngo-based Acquisition Workstation


  • Detector technology amorphous selenium (aSe)
  • Detector size 24 cm x 30 cm (9.5“ x 12“)
  • X-ray tube anode material Mo/W
  • Filter Mo/Rh
  • Swivel range + 180° to – 180°, motorized, isocentric rotation
  • Vertical travel, motorized 69 cm (27.2“) to 150 cm (59.1“) (object table)
  • Source-detector distance 65 cm (25.6“)
  • Monitors 48 cm (19") TFT color display
  • 3 MP 54 cm (21“) TFT color display (optional)
  • CD / DVD yes
  • USB yes
  • Clinical applications and workflows
  • X-ray release options control console, hand switch and footswitch options
  • OpComp - optimized compression force yes
  • OpDose - optimized patient dose yes
  • CARE program yes
  • DICOM Services DICOM Storage (Send/Receive)
  • DICOM Print
  • DICOM Query/Retrieve
  • DICOM Worklist / MPPS
  • Interface for CR integration A.
  • Accessories/Options
  • Biopsy Stereotactic Biopsy option
  • Breast Tomosynthesis Option
  • PRIME Technology Option
  • MoodLight Option

Clinical Imaging Systems offers turnkey installation on all equipment we sell. Systems come fully tested with optional reconditioning or refurbishing.

CIS provides a variety of warranty and service options to fit any budget and as an approved vendor of leading medical equipment finance companies CIS can provide you with flexible financing options.

Site planning is included with all turnkey installations and CIS can help manage and provide suite remodels and build-outs.

Contact us today for a quotation on your imaging equipment needs.