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The Philips Ingenia family brings you the benefits of dStream architecture,the Ingenia 3.0T is the first MR system that brings MR signal digitization where it has never been before in the RF coil, as close to the patient as possible. dStream unleashes the power of digitization by delivering a high purity MR signal for increased SNR, combined with Imaging Space enhanced workflow and ease of use for greater efficiency in your daily operations.

Features of the Philips Ingenia 3T include:

  • 70 cm bore provides more space and helps to reduce anxiety
  • Smart software to reduce retakes increase consistency and exam speed
  • Digital coil design greatly reduces coil weights and leads to less patient repositioning in many exams
  • The ambient light ring on the magnet façade and adjustable, in-bore lighting enhance the openness of the system
  • Patient-perceived gradient acoustic noise is reduced by more than 80%
  • At the heart of the Ingenia 3.0T is the new dStream architecture
  • DirectDigital RF receive technology, which digitizes the MR signal directly in the RF coil at the patient
  • FlexStream workflow, which increases system versatility and throughput through better coil and patient management
  • EasyExpand, which enables plug and play expansion of clinical capabilities without major hardware upgrades

Clinical Imaging Systems offers turnkey installation on all equipment we sell. Systems come fully tested with optional reconditioning or refurbishing.

CIS provides a variety of warranty and service options to fit any budget and as an approved vendor of leading medical equipment finance companies CIS can provide you with flexible financing options.

Site planning is included with all turnkey installations and CIS can help manage and provide suite remodels and build-outs.

Contact us today for a quotation on your imaging equipment needs.