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The Philips Vereos PET/CT scanner with Digital Photon Counting Technology will redefine PET imaging
The world's first and only digital PET/CT.

The Philips Vereos PET/CT scanner with Digital Photon Counting Technology will redefine PET imaging and mark a new era in clinical performance.
The Vereos PET/CT provides the technological advances that can help you become the preferred site for clinical referrals. Fast scans and fast post-processing will speed your workflow, increasing the number of patients you see and your flexibility in scheduling them.

The Vereos digital PET/CT system is a digital photon counting PET scanner combined with a 64- or 128-channel CT system. The CT component, based on the Ingenuity CT, is a helical system with 40 mm axial coverage, iDose4 for noise reduction, and O-MAR (optional) for metal artifact reduction. The PET detector ring consists of 18 detector modules, each containing a 40×32 array of 4×4×19 mm3 LYSO crystals individually coupled to digital photon counters. The ring has a diameter of 764 mm and 164 mm axial length. Each LYSO crystal is coupled to a digital photon counter. Each digital photon counter (DPC) contains an array of 3,200 single photon avalanche diodes (cells) coupled to a digital readout.

Philips Vereos Digital 64 / 128 PET CT Scanner Features:
Superb imaging
Digital detection
Fast scanning
Shortest bore in the industry
Integrated ambient lighting
Exam Cards reduce scan times
iPatient offers personalized patient-centric workflow
Remote monitoring
Enhanced patient experience
Efficient workflow
Key specifications

Detector design

Digital Photon Counting (DPC)

Number of PET detectors: 23,040

PET timing resolution: 310 ps FWHM

TOF localization accuracy: 4.6 cm

PET effective sensitivity per cm 1,427 cps/MBq/cm

PET quantitative accuracy +/- 5%

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