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The Philips FD 20 single plane lab with flat detector technology with 2k imaging resolution. Philips next generation dynamic Flat Detector provides excellent image quality at a low patient X-ray dose. The complete 2048 x 2048 imaging pipeline breaks new ground for interventional procedures with 2k imaging capabilities. The Allura imaging chain captures information at a resolution four times greater than conventional angiography systems. High resolution imaging support during every step of challenging minimally invasive cardiac surgery procedures is yours with the Allura Xper FD20 fixed X-ray system. Xper Settings to streamline procedures. Allura 3D-RA enhances visualization. Allura 3D-CA for superb insight into tortuous vasculature


  • 3D image guidance tools provide extra support for complex minimally invasive procedures in the hybrid room
  • Sharp, crisp visualization of small details and objects during cardiac surgery
  • Preset cardiac protocols offer excellent image quality during minimally invasive procedures
  • Compact design provides full patient access and supports steep projections during endovascular surgery
  • Option for integrated dedicated OR table for optimal patient positioning
  • DoseWise offers low X-ray dose and excellent image quality

Clinical Imaging Systems offers turnkey installation on all equipment we sell. Systems come fully tested with optional reconditioning or refurbishing.

CIS provides a variety of warranty and service options to fit any budget and as an approved vendor of leading medical equipment finance companies CIS can provide you with flexible financing options.

Site planning is included with all turnkey installations and CIS can help manage and provide suite remodels and build-outs.

Contact us today for a quotation on your imaging equipment needs.